Contact Lenses
We fit the "hard to fit"
Rigid Gas Permeable
These once popular lenses have some distinct advantages.   They can provide more defined acuity. They last longer and are less expensive to maintain.
Bifocal/ Multifocal Contacts
If you need help seeing at near but there are times you don't want to wear glasses, this may be an option for you.
Toric Lenses for Astigmatism
Technology has come a long way.  Astigmatism is no longer an obstacle to wearing contact lenses.
Not all patients with Keratoconus should be in hard contact lenses.  There are custom made soft contact lenses available that are an excellent alternative.
One of the great things about glasses in the age of technology is that you have options. You can choose what is important to you and customize your lenses for your needs.
We offer quality lenses including:
Lenses that help protect you from damaging blue light emitted by your mobile phone and computers, including BluTech lenses and Crizal Prevencia and Sapphire Antireflective coatings.
Eyezen and Relax lenses help prevent eye fatigue caused by mobile phone use.
Varilux and Shamir digital progressive lenses computer designed with your prescription and measurements for wider channels and superior optics.
Transition Colors lenses turn from clear to Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst or Amber in the sun.
BluTech Outdoor lenses are polarized sun lenses that enable you to read your phone outside.